U Want Freestyle? — текст песни (Masters of Illusion)

You wan` freestyle?…suck my dick
[Keith Televasques]
I`m on some other shit, fuck it on tour
The style is raw, suck my dick quick kid
and let me run up on your world
Presto chango, y`all can feel the flame bro
I light up, ash niggaz turn into a rainbow
Droppin freestyles, faggots you are the fuckin maggots
Sideswipe, don`t fuck with me you`ll get your ass wiped
I don`t care like welfare, baldheaded with no hair
Psycho flashbacks you studying me like Puffy Mason
MC`s grow quick tounges, you`ll bounce to the Greyhound station
That`s word to mom dukes so cream up on your whole dream
Kinda drastic, poppin shit you`ll get your ass kicked
Your style is homo, so what you made a sissy promo?
Cock these old lyrics blast off, I`ll blow your anal spirits
You hear it, fear it, go far don`t try to walk up near it
Nasty like Nas, Batman combined with Method Man
G. Rap hydraulics, supersonics call me Shark Man
Water extension, atomic bombs at the rap convention
Your lamenants melt like your fake Varcace belt
Tap your brain like boomerangs, tell me how it felt
Masquerade like Cure man, I`m in your ass man
You catch animas dynamics from an ass-cap/ASCAP
Hold my nuts, Grandmaster Flash
Lyrical wounds get placed upon your kneecaps
Suckas get penalties, no pounds for they wack-ass raps
I like some action kid, you on the right direction
I`m no heavy weight, got computers in your bud section
Astronomical feedback is on your asscrack
React with two pipes, your stomach`s filled with dynamite
That`s no joke, now let`s switch up styles, now who`s fuckin broke?
That`s on the momma, I`ll cover all your fuckin drama
You wan` freestyle?…suck my dick

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