Doin just Fine — текст песни (Boyz II Men)

Verse 1
There was a time
when I thought life was over and out
When you went away from me
My dying heart made it hard to breathe
Would sit in my room
Because I didn`t want to go out
and see you walking by
One look and I`d break down and cry
Now you say that you made a big mistake
Never meant to take your love away
But you can save your tired apologies
Cause it may seem hard to belive but
I`m doin just fine
Getting along every well
without you in my life
I don`t need you in my life
I`m doin just fine
Time made me stronger
you`re no longer on my mind
Verse 2
You were my earth
My number one priority
I gave my love to only you
Anything you`d ask of me
I would do
But somewhere down the road
You felt a change in the weather
and told me that you had to journey
on a kiss in the wind
and your love was gone
Now you say you never meant to play your games
Girl you don`t know
It`s far too late
Because you let our love just fall apart
You no longer have my heart
When you said goodbye
I felt so all alone
There were time at night I couldn`t sleep
My heart was much too weak to make it on my own
Baby after all the misery
and pain you put me through
So unfair to me girl
You`re no longer my world
and I ain`t missin` you at all
See baby when you walked away
You didn`t think it would end up this way
but I knew you`d come around someday
Just as sure as my name is Wanya

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