Young Chris — Roc Army слова | Young Chris — Roc Army текст песни

[DJ Clue]
Part 1!
[Memphis Bleek]
The Roc!
Roc, yeah y’all it’s the Roc
[DJ Clue]
New shit, Roc Army
[Scratches (Jay-Z)]
«Memph, Memph, Memph, Memph Bleek» <--- Memphis Bleek (Roc-a-fella is the Army) "Mac, Mac, Mac" <--- Beanie Sigel "Sparks, O" <--- Jay-Z (Roc-a-fella is the Army) "Lil Chris, Lil Neef" <--- Beanie Sigel "Freeway" <--- Jay-Z (Roc-a-fella is the Army) "Killa," "Cam'Ron" <--- Cam'Ron "Jigga" <--- Jay-Z ("R-O-C Niggas") <--- Jay-Z (Roc-a-fella is the Army) [DJ Clue over the chorus] Jay-Z, Peedi Crakk Cam'Ron, Freeway What Clue [Jay-Z] Illest since the Row had it, nigga now the Roc got it Nigga get you blocka'ed lean em like a dope addict Hov the hustler, CD's a coke habit Ya dancing wit the devil, muh'fuckas is slow draggin (C'MON) Hov is big homie, Beanie is the co-captain [Freeway] I'll A.K. ya tee, don't forget about Free Chris and Neef, Sparks and Oski All my niggas on the streets get low with M. Bleek (Whew!) Who the fuck want what [Cam'Ron] It's the newest addition, mathematician Cracks in the kitchen, multiplication Rocks that I slash with precision Killa Cam Motherfucker [Freeway (Cam'Ron)] We got gats tearin the basement Mac in the car, clap from a distance (Kill ya man motherfucker) They track stars, half of them racin Run from the gate, straight to the district Freeway motherfucker These hatin niggas testing my patience (C'mon) Reach for the Smith-n (Chorus) [DJ Clue over the chorus] Dame Dash Dream Team [Sparks] ?Joey

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Young blood & killa — F*** yawl remix слова | Young blood & killa — F*** yawl remix текст песни

F*** yawl remix
F*** wit ur soul I prove u lost already ur taboo ho this what u made ur leader of rocaa a fella I rock hoes yall rock fellaz c?mon fella yall B**** start B****** start snitching my gun start switchen flipen step up to me taboo hoe git pump up ur A** my gun peck out and go fast man pussy u a lil punk go out the back sit and let go better ur not im the original hot boy u aint nuten but a big fat lip boy hot hot I got the hot gurls u think u better than me u no who I b take over ur company u aint nuten else buttley but I try to fight my enenmy but I seen the devil in my empty glass of hennessy u get F*** in prison that wall shake a square prism. (далее…)

Young Black Teenagers — Tap the Bottle слова | Young Black Teenagers — Tap the Bottle текст песни

[Chorus] Tap the bottle and twist the cap Tap the bottle and twist the cap Tap the bottle and twist the cap And pass it around the crew be cause the crew be all that [End Chorus] Hey yo, hickory dickory dock I’m under the Brooklyn block yes Who’s the next to testify and try and penetrate the vest Diggatie do re me fa so la ti do I drop back my prozac I take it in track and give it a smack and cuttin no slack, jack Okay here I go Shorty tap the forty O smash To a pass, if ya crash make a dash to the trash Tap a cap, have alot and not alot not a little Don’t grade upon the label take a guzzle, don’t dribble I got the supercalafragileisticexpialadoucious You’re commin to close to this, I get ferocious Coax this rhyme, smoke this rhyme hype When we rock it up on the mic, we rock the mic right Pass the funnel to the tunnel like it’s busy till I’m dizzy Never pass it to get fizzy cause the guard gets busy who is he? Damn just pass the code decipher when I hit the dress bottom buy a can of Red Stripe Chorus (Repeat 1x) Well I be commin’ around the mountain with my hoe Suzanna I’m peelin off the caps like the hicks in Alabama Check the grammar and the stamina I’m tootin’ on my horn Timberland boot stompin’ forty drink it more Malt liquor chug a filter let me rip it then I kick it Tap it once for my brothers sip it then I sip it So Xerox the zip code I’m in them all perfect-o Halelijuia here I go watch me flow and let go Trouble shooter smoke the buddah rule like a dictator Used to hit the fader now I play the commentator So let me swing it from the rhyme to the concrete jungle With the king heir’s mackin, rulin’ over knuckle Hits to the bed, cause Right Said Fred Lock em up with the bee’s wax, kick it to em dred Yo, pass the peas please party pooper party stops 64 will give ya more if ya scammi (далее…)