So Good — текст песни (Hi-C f James DeBarge)

[James DeBarge]
No no no no-no no, no
Uhh, yup, aww yeah, hahaha
I know y`all remember this (no no no no, no no no)
Hustler music, Hi-Life
Yeah, check it (yeah-hahh yeah)
Now baby was one of the baddest you ever saw
Tight jeans, tank top, and a push-up bra
Held her Sprite in her hand and she sip from a straw
Told the homey Suga Free nigga stop the car
The way we jumped out she musta thought we was thugs
Had a curve on that ass like a brand new Bug
Skip the handshakes, why`on`cha give me a hug?
Her titties sat pretty like apple juice jugs
Name is H-I, she said hi
Wouldn`t look me in my eye, I thought she was shy
Baby started to reply, my name is Dee
And see that car over there? He lookin at me
I said so? What`chu tellin me fo`?
Start to think to myself, man this a crazy ho
She said pull around the corner, let me talk to you
Come to find out the chicken was a prostitute, ooh
[Chorus: James DeBarge]
Ohh this girl, looked so, good (nah nah nah)
But I, just cain`t, trust a ho — no-no-no, no no no no
(yeah, nah, cain`t trust her)
Ohh this girl, looked so, good
But I, just cain`t, trust a ho (yeah, oh yeah, check it)
No I can`t trust a ho
I once knew a stripper that liked to drink liquor
I fall into the club, she all in my zipper
The way I used to hit her it`d sound like I`d kill her
Man, I ain`t gon` lie, I used to love that nigga
And when my baby momma got to stressin me
She was my sexual therapy
Had a waist like a bass, her thighs like thunder
And her lips hot enough to suck the skin off a cucumber!
Made me wonder was she keepin it true?
Hey boo — how many niggaz you done done this to?
Keep it real, don`t lie, you can tell me the truth
You`ve been trickin superchicken and I got proof
I got a baby homey with a brand new Benz
Said he had you in the studio, bangin the skins
Never trust a stripper, that`s a cardinal sin
You love me so much you started fuckin my friends, ya bitch!
[Chorus] w/ ad libs and variations
[Hi-C] J.D. hit `em with it, ahh!
[James DeBarge]
Aww-ahhh (yeah) lady
Aww-ahh (uhh) baby
Aww-ahhh, aww-ahhh, say you can`t, nooo (J.D. what?)
Aww-ahhh (yes)
Aww-ahh — sooooooooooooooo
Aww-ahh, aww-awww-ahhhhhhh (take it home homey)
This girl, she looked so good (yeah)
Yeah baby, blowin me right out of my mind, she`s so good baby (what what)
So good baby (yup yup)
So good sugar, hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh-hoooooooooo (James DeBarge)
So good, blowin me right out of my mind (uhh, yes)
Out of my mind (yeah) yeah, looked so good
[Chorus] — 2X w/ ad libs and variations

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