Sawyer Brown — Some girls do (аккорды) слова | Sawyer Brown — Some girls do (аккорды) текст песни

I’ve been trying to learn the song «Some Girls Do» by Sawyer Brown
and I’m having a little trouble picking up the main riff by ear.
Maybe I’m having a bad week.
Anyway, heres what I’ve figured out so far. If anyone has some
input, please post or send me email.
Thanks in advance,
Joseph A. McGlynn
ATamp;T Bell Laboratories
Sawyer Brown’s «Some Girls Do»
General Riff:
NOTE: This is from one-days memory, so I may have made mistakes
[A] [G] [D]
She turned up her nose as she …
[A] [G] [D]
From the corner of my eye I …
You were sittin on the swing …
Paintin your nails …
[A] [G] [D]
And you yelled «She was …
Well I ain’t …
But I ain’t …
[G] [A]
I’m wild and a …
[G] [A]
Some girls don’t …
[G] [A] [D]
Awe, some …
[A] [G] [D]
I yelled and asked if you …
[A] [G] [D]
When we pulled out of your …
You was laughing at me, I …
You was the prettiest girl …
[A] [G] [D]
When you rolled your eyes …
Well good ole boys don’t …
And rich boys think they …
[A] [G] [D]
But there’s some one …

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