Come Let`s Go — текст песни (Chilly)

Come let`s go
Down to the local show
Where we can see the band
Who stand up in the lights.
I tell you —
Young and smart —
They hit you in the heart
They make you wanna dream
And think they`ll hold you tight.
Oh baby —
On the stage
The guys are all the rage
They play their steel guitar
And make you dance all night.
Oh really —
When you`re there
And music`s in the air
You only close your eyes
And feel you`re in the light.
I tell you.
See your name in headlights
On the front of the billboard
The world greatest star.
See you on the TV
Hear you on the radio
See you at the stadium
Have a good time with me.
Music`s fun
Not only for the young.
Remember how you dreamed
About your favorite star.
When you`re old
And all your dreams are sold
You`ll hear a song you knew
And dream about the past.
I tell you.

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