Psychologically Overcast — текст песни (Fishbone w Busta Rhymes)

Verse One: Fishbone
You ask me if I`m unhappy
Well, no I`m not fine
I ask you the same question
and now it`s trivia time
Well I just turned in my players card Girl
so here`s my parting line
Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye…
We`ve travelled some rough seas to get to the shore of sunshine
But the sun shines a brief time, cause the clouds are in your mind
Verse Two:
You got your own concepts
Well, baby I got mine
it`s okay not seein eye to eye
But we have trouble bein kind
Just like pourin cool water in a hot grease
Ya see we can`t combine
You had your good man
but you`ve taken for granted your rare find
Psychologically overcast (4x)
Verse Three:
You got a selfish way
that seems to be in your design
Well I`m too experienced
to take kicks in my behind
Next time you find love
adhere to the warning sign
Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye, good-bye…
Psychologically overcast (4X)
Verse Four: Busta Rhymes
Yo, what you gonna do when situations gets thick
and you ain`t got a plan B and you gotta move quick?
Of course you got a nigga mentally sick
Always stressin over different types of bullshit!
With your back comma act that`s about to make you pass out
Quick to knock you psychologically overcast out
Pre-meditating drama with your fucked up persona
Always bring and see with your bad drama
If your mindframe is thinkin on, you about to be-a
Ha, ha
Yo, you better get along, or we gonna kill some sad song
God-body mindframe a mental too strong
Now, the reason why your mindframe be on the wrong song
Conditioned by your parents when you livin at your home
Understand yourself, diggin on some concious
control your situation and rid yourself of nonsense!
Ha, psychologically overcast
Quick to get your ass bust real fast
Yeah yeah, stick out my bone
With Fishbone
Psychologically overcast (16X)

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