Behind The Mirror — текст песни (kreator)

Entering a part of your mind
Where reality is lost and time stands still
Dreams and nightmares are one
Only hell knows if this is real
No human being has been here before
Not a single soul has seen this before, you are
Entering a new world and you are the first
The mysteries of life becoming clearer
Behind the mirror [* 2]
Flying through the black hole
Things look strange in this new dimension
You expected a brave new world
But what is this — only hate and destruction
No love, no hope only weakness and violence
When you return reality carries on for you
Nothing can help you escape from this world
A place of hate and terror
Behind the mirror [* 2]
Born in this world of hate
You try to escape through
The dimensions you made, trying and trying [again]
Scared of live you exist in endless fear
[Last part of second verse repeated]

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