Drankin` Patnaz — текст песни (Youngbloodz f Cutty)

And not once but twice am I back on line
Remarkably delivering these words of mine
And when I come forth I come with such a force
You believe that it`s been nice since the last time you felt the need
And that`s to get loose and let you soul be free
Cause when we step out in this vision you gon` surely see
And ain`t no way in hell we gon` let that ride
While you huggin` on the wall bein` cool denied
Now it done jumped off in the blind of an eye
And everybody`s off the hook feelin` good and high
Cause it`s the last call for alcohol so just jook and drink
and have a ball cause` we gon` party long until the wee hours
And will it ever end I truly don`t doubt it
Youngbloodz is the truth you seen now go shout it
And come back tomorrow and watch the world crowd it
My drankin` patna, my ace, my dawg, know who I`m gon` call
My drankin` patna, my ace boon coon, when it`s time to cut the fool
My drankin` patna, my buddy, by cuzz, loud when he get `em a buzz
My drankin` patna, my nigga, my folk, gotta drink and he got to smoke, my drankin patna
[Sean Paul]
You know I`m a come in a blunt of `dro and a corner of hen`
My drankin patna get to it `fore the day begin
Spillin` hen` all up in the Benz
I`m try`na get to my patna so he can sip some wit` me
We get drunk, bein` tipsy for sissies
Just might get locked up
Cause I can`t stop the swervin` have these rims keep hittin` the curves
And just me and my roll dawg always go half
when he got it man he won`t crash
my mo`fuckin` patna
hit the trap, cut it, roll it, and smoke it and still got some to put in the glass
my nigga just ought a
fill up my cup see I`m a drunk and man I can`t get enough
and when I`m wit` my patna
aint worried bout who drunk the liquor `cause I know it won`t nothin` but us
See that`s my dawg, that`s my folk, that`s my buddy
The nigga that I call to smoke
Drankin` good, him and I, on the go
Cup for cup, blow for blow, high or low
In da wind, crashin` in, settin` it off, pass the hen`
Out the in, crunk as eva, and still at it again
Chic`d up, on the flo` its just me and my drankin patna
[Sean Paul]
I`m only hittin` the club wit` a drank of low, getting` drunk off a dub
Fuck around get knocked up when your folk wanna slow up
You fuck around and get popped in yo` fuckin` wit` my patna
We don`t play those games and kind of slizzard, but we neva been lame
I`m at the bar with my patna spendin` all my change
try`na get it all once again with my
[Chorus 3x]

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