Deep — текст песни (Peel)

What it does to you
Is what it does to me
And everything is wrapped up in our plastic souls
And what they steal from you
Is what they steal from me
I know the pain, the salt and soaking pillow hide
(its okay, cry its okay)
And it will come again
And who will take the blame
Flick of the switch into another dreamless sleep
Were kickin up a row
Frantic dog eyes glow
Sick and wounded and we prowl the streets at night, hey yeah…..
Dont sleep
Too deep
Be sure to cover all your tracks
Dont sleep
Too deep
cause its always coming back
Yeah, I know boy
And Ive seen a girl
They swam like bricks, never reached the other side
Pills and christ on a cross
Wont get us off the hook
Keep the guard now when the sun falls from the sky
Dont sleep
Too deep
Be sure to cover all your tracks

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