My Yoke is Heavy — текст песни (Sparklehorse)

(daniel dale johnston)
In clusters we move through a farm
Somewhere far off the thunder roaring
And the fortune teller has fixed her sweetly eyes on my child
Sometimes I climb high up in a tree
And let the wind blow in my face
Sometimes I leave my cares lying in piles
Somewhat disturbing
Is the sound of her singing
When you know you dont deserve it
Youre not here today
I feel just like an empty eggshell
My yoke is heavy
My yoke is heavy
My voice is a little horse
Galloping lost through the woods
Calling your name
Its new to me
But just the same
The earth is an old canvas painted over many times
The poet rambles
The world it scrambles
But who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men
Your shadow knows
Its right behind you all the way
Your shadow knows where youve been
My yoke is heavy
My yoke is heavy
My yoke is heavy
Sacred is the smile
That opened up my mind
And asked me come save me
And rid my cold cold heart
Of the dark deep gloom
That took up so much room
And my many spacious memories
My yoke is heavy
My yoke is heavy
My yoke is heavy

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