Ceremony — текст песни (Doro Pesch)

So here is the ritual
I can`t tell you what I go through
I`ve been through heaven and hell for you
All night, all night long
Satin dreams all covered in sweat
When I wake, hot to the touch
I swear to god, you`ll be the death of me yet
You are my ceremony
You are my ceremony
You are my ceremony
Now here we are, both skin to skin
Your body sacred, we`re about to begin
All night, all night long
Watch the moon, let it drop from the sky
Understand I might draw first blood
But I won`t sting like the rattlesnake`s bite
One day you`ll feel it like I do
A fire deep in the heart so true
If I take you, understand
I might explode like a bomb in your hand
So what should I say Is it the ancient dance of lovers
Is it the comin` rain
Or is it the passion of something more strange

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