Suckers Are Hiding — текст песни (Dj Muggs)

Uh, platform squadron
Dilated platoon, evidence infantry
Babu heavy artillery
Rakaa iriscience communications, stealth operations
Platform squadron, soul assassins, the alchemist
Suckers are hidin
Yo turn the power on, insert the disk
Tonight you aint the joint if you aint muggs or alchemist
Most kids shoulda listen, my catcher should warn ya
(fuck down the center, its about brushin the corners)
Evidence, the main element to mystery
Try to seize the moment, the future just was history
Intelligent, they gasped, the industry detected
I knew superstarts who now can get arrested
Love rhymes off the shit I thrive
Tried but couldnt get in to see krs live
Document my thoughts in order as they come
(thats the sound of the man!) obsessed wit drums
Beat up the one, kill the two-three etcetera
Four starts the war, repeat the loop, beats competitor
For better or worse, edit my curse, still explicit
Vocals intact, your logos could never diss it
So check it out, exhale the blown trees
Dont miss a thing, dot my is, cross my ts
From seven seas yo yo to seven continents
From the alphabet, vowels and consonants
*babu cutting up sample*
«suckas are hidin» [b-real]
[iriscience] *in background*
Now you know, suckas be hidin
But they cant dodge or they cant camoflague
Platform is in full effect
Evidence, iriscience, babu
The alchemist on the track, pushin buttons
Pullin strings, the dilated wild style
The globe trotter, earth, wind, fire and water
Turnin local rappers into neighborhood martyrs
Platforms home, the city and spot blown
I got poems that burn more ears than hot combs
I motivate, live on stage, theres no debate
Babs, you got time in the pocket, throw the break
I take it to the brink when decoding the snake
In holland, next to fat beats, rollin the dank
Dilate, build upon the aquarius dawn
And they how they call the hollywood branch to magic juan
The specialist is on, my people have been scarred
Basically, babylon where barbie and ken star
Assassin got soul plus self control
Breathe how they breathe and slip past patrol
Appreciate the art so I use my bow
Maybe load a poison dart in the tube and then blow
I make crowds explode wit the beats and rhymes
When its time to overthrow then youll be assigned
Exercise caution, speakin revolution
I could do alone it but together were too strong
«suckas are hidin» *cut and scratched by babu*
Ahah, dilated, full effect
Stealth, makin moves, unseen but felt
Uh babu, uh uh evidence roll out
Uh alchemist roll out, iriscience
Soul assassins, muggs

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