Parasite — текст песни (Exodus)

A distant hum
Cuts right through the skies
Calling my attention I look up
I can`t believe my eyes
Thousands and thousands
Hungry for our minds
They`re biting, eating and controlling
Anything they find
Coming down from behind
They`ve got no care for our kind
See the world bending down
On it`s knees
Run-but you can`t hide
Blood-coming from inside
My mind-doesn`t know wrong from right
A million more
Coming after me
They thrive on insecticide
They live on DDT
No poison can defeat
The never ending swarm
They`ll eat you from insdie out
You`ll wish you were never born
(repeat sub-chorus)
run-but you can`t hide
Blood-sucked from inside
My mind-doesn`t know wrong from right
harmony lead- Gary
solo- Gary
solo- Rick
Now they`re living in my brain
I`m destroying at their cue
A violent reaction starts within
And now I`m after you!
I`ll grab you by your head
and split your skull open wide
The infestation in complete
You`re dead but yet alive!
repeat sub-chorus
(repeat chorus)

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