Share Love — текст песни (Boyz II Men)

Its the time of the year again for you to share
All the love that you have
With every woman and every man to share love
Christmas day is here
And the lord is what is near
To share love with your family and thank God for allowing you to see that
Christmas is the time to share
With the one you love share good things
Joy, glad tidings
Share love
Giving all you have this day
Lets the world know you care
And you will be there to share love
Families all around
Children are happy with what they found
Giving things on this day and thanking our god
For teaching us the way to share love
As the snow is falling down
Presents unwrapped underneath the tree
Bringing tidings of great joy to every little girl and boy, you know
Now the true meaning of christmas
Is falling on your knees
Thanking the lord for what hes done
Giving the world is only some
Chorus (repeats twice)

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